My Guilty Pleasure

Here is my confession: My guilty pleasure is watching General Hospital. I know—you’re surprised. I’m a very serious attorney, dealing with clients’ intellectual property and business concerns daily. Yet, when I relax, I enjoy more mindless pleasures. I like watching a soap opera that centers around dysfunctional hospital staff and sensitive mobsters.

There. I admitted it. Whew.

I am so ashamed. But, I think I’m in good company. The character Gregory House, on Fox’s “House,” is an avid fan. That counts, right? Besides, sometimes watching people with problems bigger than yours is a relief. No matter how bad my day, I can say, “At least I don’t live in Port Charles!”

I relish the dramas of Carly and Jason. I am frustrated by the consistent inconsistency of Sonny. I am annoyed by the piety of Alexis, Robin, and Elizabeth. And, I am surprised by the growth of Maxie and Spinelli.

Plus, since 2007, when Carolyn Hennesy joined the cast as Diane Miller, I feel a little less guilty. She’s a great actress and her character (an attorney) actually practices law—unlike the other lawyers on the show, who only talk about what great lawyers they are. Sure, she’s dating a mobster’s bodyguard, but no one is perfect. Besides, she says he’s very limber. Who can blame her?


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