Protect US Children

The Oprah Show has provided information about how you can contact your senators and state representatives about the Act. It was passed in 2006, establishing a National Sex Offender Registry law.

But, if senators and state representatives don’t fully fund the act, it will expire. That sounds frightening to me. (Much more so than hearing about a bank or car manufacturer on the brink of bankruptcy.)

This is a cause that everyone should support and it only takes a little effort. If you want to do your part, go to Oprah’s website.

Don’t wait! Act now.


2 thoughts on “Protect US Children

  1. To the Senators,
    What The Hell are you thinking. Protect our kids before you bail out the banks and car dealerships. ut the money into finding our missing children.
    They are the most important in our lives. These poor parents that are missing their children. I can’t imagine not knowing what has happened to these kids. The banks and car dealerships can wait. the homeowners put themsevles in this place and they can dig themselves out. No one is helping me.

  2. What the hell are you thinking. Do not let these petifiles out of prison for no reason whats so ever. They do a little part of their time and let out early to attact our children again and they have no one to answer to. Where are the parole officers and the people that are suppose to check up on their where about.

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