A Life and Death Decision

On General Hospital, the character “Carly” faces a very difficult situation. After years of trying unsuccessfully to have another child, she currently finds herself pregnant. But, her doctor tells her that she has a 50% chance of developing a blood clot that may kill her and/or the baby because of a health condition.

She wants the baby so badly for herself and her husband (he’s the stepfather to her children, but has none of his own), that she has convinced herself that she will be able to carry the baby to term as long as she’s careful with her health. Her doctor warned her last week that it wasn’t that simple. The medication needed to treat the condition can’t be taken while she’s pregnant.

Her husband, Jax, just found out today. And from the spoilers I’ve read on the Internet, it looks like her ex-husband, Sonny, will be finding out this week. Jax and Sonny have a complicated relationship (although, no more complicated than Sonny and Carly’s) and this will definitely make things more tense between them.

Jax desperately wants a baby of his own, while Sonny can’t stop loving Carly and will definitely want her to put her health first. Her friends, Jason and Olivia, may agree with Sonny, but I don’t think they’ll be as vocal as Sonny will be. He’s used to being overbearing when it comes to Carly; it’s a byproduct of their marriage. Jason and Olivia won’t bother, as it is a futile gesture—no one can make Carly do anything she doesn’t want to do.

I see fireworks ahead on the show that I plan to watch on my DVR, but it also made me think: “What would you do, if it happened to you?” If it happened to someone else, I would be extremely concerned and, perhaps, object to them keeping the baby. But, honestly, if it happened to me, I would probably make the same decision, under the circumstances.

Is it fair to her other child, who needs her? Probably not. There is no right choice. None of this is fair.

She’s wanted another baby for years, her oldest child is in a vegetative state (on a side note, the new actor playing “Michael” was seen for the first time in Friday’s episode, so he should be waking up shortly), and she’s desperate to have something good happen in her life. I can’t blame her. If a ray of sunlight suddenly appeared through the clouds, I wouldn’t want to give it up either.

To her, the baby is a miracle. She can’t believe a miracle would be given to her for a moment of happiness, only to be snatched away. That just seems too cruel.

I would make the same choice, but what would you do, if it happened to you?


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