Save Chuck!

NBC’s Chuck just completed the second season and viewers are still being taunted with the possibility it will be canceled. That’s just not fair. Chuck is a great show. It is action packed, but still light and funny. And, I need that. I enjoy a good drama, and laughing while I watch just makes the experience better. Not an episode goes by that I don’t find myself saying, “Poor Chuck.” I come back every week to see Chuck’s hijinks.

The finale was perfect. Chuck, free of the intersect, was given a huge check as payment for his services to the country and he had plans of trying to have a normal life that didn’t include the Buy More.

Unfortunately, a normal life just isn’t in the cards for Chuck. When he had to make a choice between a normal life or doing his duty for the country and becoming a real spy, he chose duty. (The fact that it might make getting the girl easier might have had a little do it—but that’s okay.)

What does this mean for Chuck’s future? I don’t know if Morgan will move to Hawaii to be a Benihana chef, but I’m sure Chuck won’t spend every episode being told to stay in the car and hiding behind Sarah.

So, I can’t wait for the third season and I’m sure I’m not alone. If NBC doesn’t bring it back after that amazing season finale, I might have to do my own, private boycott of their shows.

Hmmm…. There are some interesting shows on cable these days.

UPDATE:  TV Guide champions Chuck! Check to see if your favorite show will be back in the fall. Click here.

FINAL UPDATE: Good news: Chuck will be back midseason. Bad news: There may be only 13 episodes.


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