Love and War

Elizabeth Edwards is a sympathetic public figure. Her husband, John Edwards, is such a louse that he cheated during her losing battle with cancer and, allegedly, got the other woman pregnant.

Elizabeth says she didn’t know about the affair. But, at some point John admitted to having a one-night stand with that particular woman. It took tabloid pressure for him to later admit the affair was much more involved than that.

My first inclination was to solidly side with Elizabeth. After all, she’s not the typical political wife. He knows she won’t leave him because she’s dying of cancer! But, after hearing Elizabeth’s recent comments to promote her book, I feel more disgust than anything else. As is so often true, all these people deserve each other.

Elizabeth has said her family with John “is everything” and that the other woman’s baby (which she repeatedly called “it”) doesn’t affect her life. That’s about where she lost my sympathy.

While I don’t pretend to condone extra-marital relationships, I certainly can’t condone Elizabeth’s apathy (although I think a better word would be venom) to a child. It isn’t the child’s fault she was born under these circumstances. And, at this point, she’s just a baby. All babies are cute and sweet and endearing.

All is not fair in love and war. What kind of a woman encourages her husband to be a deadbeat dad? John has certainly paid the baby’s mother money, but, other than holding her in motel rooms, what kind of relationship does he have with her (while he pretends to be a doting uncle, instead of a man worried he’s a father again)? According to Elizabeth: None.

That’s not a good thing, no matter how happily Elizabeth says it. It just compounds the mistakes these three¬† adults have made in the past. I don’t care if Elizabeth is right and John didn’t intend to have a family with the other woman. The fact is that if that is his child then they do have a family (albeit non-traditional).

As long as Elizabeth is trying to face a new reality, she should start there. Get a DNA test and take it from there.


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