Attention: Microsoft consumers and software developers

Microsoft is working hard on its image of being innovative and competitive. Now, it has announced it will be preinstalling Windows Marketplace on every Windows Mobile 6.5 device. If you aren’t going to be buying a new device, why should you care? Two reasons.

First, if you’re a consumer, you should care because Microsoft is also featuring new Marketplace categories, including a Business Center. It will have a “wide variety of application categories that [they] have across finance, healthcare, manufacturing, et cetera.” And, beside the Business Center, there will be applications that will be handy in life and play.There’s supposed to be something for everyone, so you’ll want to check it out.

Second, if you’re a software developer this is a great opportunity for you. On July 27, Microsoft will begin taking applications from developers who would like to see their new and exciting work available to the public at the improved Marketplace. Applications will be accepted at As if that weren’t enough, a developer contest will also be announced that same day. You definitely don’t want to miss that!


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