Hope you don’t have trouble getting into your house…

If  a reknowned Professor can be arrested for his attitude after being accused of breaking into his own home, then could it happen again?

I was a latchkey kid as a young girl. For a couple of years, I struggled unlocking the front door. Sometimes, I just couldn’t get it open and had to ask my neighbor for help (he was a big guy and had no trouble muscling it open). Every time, I childishly worried that if the police drove by I’d be arrested.

Did I say “childishly?” Maybe not.

As an adult, I would be utterly furiously if the police stuck around after they were made aware that I was just struggling with my own front door. What is there to talk about? Why would they need to come into the house? I don’t know, but apparently the professor’s contact with the police lasted much longer than it took to convince them there was no wrongdoing.

So, why was he arrested? Was it truly unreasonable for him to have a bad attitude about being subjected to a continued unwanted police presence in his own home? The police had no reason to continue to be there. They should have left after ascertaining the situation and helping the professor get into the house (if necessary).


Tell me what you think!

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