Inspiring Students One Speech at a Time

Does it really matter what a bunch of adults think about the President’s school address? I don’t think so. I’m much more concerned with what the students thought about it.

I haven’t heard one student who listened to the President and said their goal for the school year is to become a liberal and help the President convince more people to become liberals. I know you’re shocked, but no–not one.

Instead, I have heard students say they were actually inspired and appreciated him talking directly to them. Sounds like success to me! How often do students say they’re inspired– when they aren’t talking about their dreams of a career in entertainment just like their latest idol? Not often. How often to students say they feel invisible? All too often.

In one brief speech, the President managed to inspire students and show he notices and cares about all of them– even those who won’t be able to vote for him in the next election.

Stay in school. Meet expectations. Work hard. Go to college. Plan for a career. Make a difference in your community and in the United States.

Not exactly lofty goals, but very good ones. Call me crazy, but I don’t really care who says it. I just want students to listen. Maybe we’ve shifted from the idea of “it takes a community to raise a child,” but have we gone so far that encouraging someone else’s child gets you chastised and pilloried?

No matter any lingering resentment about the last election, I’d like to think we can all unite in telling our children that we know they can achieve great things beyond our imaginings and reminding them that they are the future.

The speech may be a new tradition, but I hope it continues.


2 thoughts on “Inspiring Students One Speech at a Time

  1. i love it especially when some of the parents who never have time for their kids start pontificating about how the president has no right to talk to their kids when they have all of this media mess indoctrinating their kids day in and day out. I don’t buy the outrage at all.

  2. What is incredible to me is the fact that these people are SO jumpy and fearful about the Obama administration that even when he is doing something innocuous, such as encouraging their children to stay in school and succeed, they can find something pervasive in it. Absolutely astounding, and sad.

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