107-Year-Old Re-Marries to Fight Loneliness

Okay, I know women who can’t seem to function without a man by their side, but this seems ridiculous. At 107, a Malaysian woman is looking to remarry for the 23rd time.

Her reason: loneliness.

After all those marriages, I think she might be better served by looking into one of those senior day cares instead.

Read about it here and find out the age of her current husband (yes, she’s still married). I promise you’ll be shocked!


2 thoughts on “107-Year-Old Re-Marries to Fight Loneliness

  1. Hey I like this lady. I think she is an optimist. 🙂

    Would it be ageism to say that she is too old to consider getting married again? At her age, who else is she going to marry? Every male in her generation died 40 years ago. And why else does a person seek companionship, if not because they are lonely? I just hope her husbands aren’t marrying her to steal her money.

    • She certainly strikes me as amazing. Twenty two marriages is an awful lot for a person of any age.

      Her last husband being in rehab was what made her feel lonely and in need of a new husband. So, who knows what their marriage was actually like.

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