Fierce About Beyonce

Recently, Beyonce announced she is creating her own perfume. So many celebreties have created perfumes that it is rather expected these days. But, Abercrombie’s reaction was unexpected.

While Beyonce did not say what her perfume would be called, she filed an intent to use trademark application in January for SASHA FIERCE and perfume. As a result, Abercrombie believes she will be infringing on their FIERCE trademark for a men’s cologne. On that basis they sued her on Tuesday (the same day she publicly made her announcement) in U.S. District Court in Columbus, Ohio.

Beyonce’s people say there will be no infringement and that neither SASHA FIERCE or FIERCE will be used as perfume’s name. That makes me suspect that Abercrombie is after more than protecting their trademark. Are they, perhaps, looking for publicity in these trying economic times?

The first thing any attorney would do before filing an infringement action is contact the alleged infringer. It seems clear that Beyonce would have been willing to make private arrangements with Abercrombie. A simple agreement requiring her to abandon that particular trademark and not to name any fragrance FIERCE (or a derivative thereof) could have been easily made. Instead, Abercrombie looks a little silly to be suing her for something that hasn’t even happened yet and may never happen.

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4 thoughts on “Fierce About Beyonce

  1. Yeah, I read this and thought the same thing.. It just didn’t make any sense to me.. I think Abercombie is being foolish and just trying to get some free advertisement, since black folk don’t buy from them.. This will make me not buy from them ever.. but then again I never was.

    • With the recession, a lot of companies were cutting prices, but Abercrombie was one that refused. I don’t know if they changed their mind, but they thought their name was enough to justify keeping things the same. Maybe now they think they just need to get more publicity instead of having more sales to get business and this was a quick and dirty way of doing that.

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