Walmart’s Big Heart

Want to do legal work for Walmart? Hope you have a flextime option for employees. Walmart already considers law firms based on cost-effectiveness, performance, and diversity, but this is new and unique.

However, even Walmart knows that firms may have a flextime option, but employees are often discouraged from taking advantage of it. I wonder if they’ll consider that reality as a factor in evaluating firms? If they don’t, what would be the point of taking flextime into consideration at all?

I know a lot of lawyers who would enjoy flextime, but, with the current economy, the move toward flextime in firms has taken a definite hit. Most consider it too big a risk. To really make a difference, flextime would have to be accepted by other clients.

Perhaps Walmart’s example will show that flextime doesn’t mean a client won’t get the attention they need– even if it isn’t always around the clock.


Tell me what you think!

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