Mac Ad Makes a Good Point

Is it just me or does Mac make a good point with its ad questioning why consumers should buy a new computer to experience the wonders of Windows 7? What is the point of Windows 7 if you can’t just upgrade your current computer? Are you being punished for not using Vista, although Vista was a headache for many people? (Myself included.) And, why is Windows 7 so expensive? If you missed that initial $30 promotion, you probably don’t want to buy it now at $120– or buy a new computer.

Watch the ad here:


2 thoughts on “Mac Ad Makes a Good Point

  1. LOL. I made the switch to Mac back in August because I was tired of the crashes & the lack of stability of the OS. I didn’t want to swtich from XP since that was one of the most stable ones, but the newer programs are not as compatible and the memory usage slows the overall performance.
    I’m glad that I went to Mac now even though it took me years!!

    • I haven’t switched yet, but this latest issue has me really considering it. The next computer I buy, I’ll definitely be looking into a Mac.

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