Happy Thanksgiving! What are you grateful for?

Today is Thanksgiving. For many people this is a time to step outside of their problems to see the big picture. Instead of mourning for the bad things that have happened, millions of people will take time to appreciate the silver lining around the black cloud, the window that opened when a door closed.

Was your house foreclosed on? Yes, but you have food to eat.

You lost your job? Yes, but you’re getting to know your kids again.

Did you file for bankruptcy? Yes, but now you have less stress.

Is your health bad and you have mounting bills? Yes, but you’ve learned how much your friends and family love and support you– even complete strangers have been kind.

No matter what, there’s always something to be grateful for. Why not share your good fortune with someone else? This Gift Catalog allows you to give children, adults, and families gifts that will really make a difference in their lives.

  • Send a child to school for a day with $1.
  • Give $10 to a family who needs a blanket after a disaster.
  • Only $15 will allow a family to have clean water.
  • Provide a child with a month of hot lunches– perhaps the only meal they’ll receive all day– for $15.
  • For $15 a child starving to death will have access to the special vitamins they need to live.
  • Help a family become a part of a community garden, so that they have food their children, for only $50.
  • Send a single mother to vocational school for a month with $75 or buy a goat for a family that needs the milk and the money that would come from selling the offspring.

You can help with even a dollar. Why not do it today?

Happy Thanksgiving!


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