Today is First Day of Spammer’s Prison Sentence

Kevin Trudeau is a TV pitchman and best-selling author. The FTC is suing him for deceptive ads about his weight loss book.

Apparently, Trudeau didn’t like the way the case against him was headed. Trudeau posted the email address of the judge in the case (US District Judge Robert Gettleman) on his website and encouraged website visitors and listeners of his radio show to email the judge. In one day, the judge received 300 emails that locked up his email system and shut down his BlackBerry.

Last week a hearing was held. Trudeau was found in contempt of court and ordered to appear today to serve a 30-day prison sentence.

The judge said, “This was an attempt by Mr. Trudeau to harass, intimidate, and influence the court.” However, Trudeau claims it was just an attempt to exercise his right of free speech. What do you think?

Personally, I think that he went way too far. First, there are limits to the rights held under the First Amendment. A defendant, his friends and fans, aren’t supposed to have contact with the judge outside the court. Second, it was just a stupid thing to do. What would it have really gained him, beside petty revenge? Was the judge going to rule in his favor because of the public outcry? Absolutely not.

It was a waste of his time and his fans’ time.


Tell me what you think!

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