Lawsuit Results in Fragrance Ban

Three city buildings in Detroit will have a fragrance ban after a city employee sued under the American with Disabilities Act, because her co-workers’ fragrances made it hard for her to breath. It sounds ridiculous, but I developed a scent allergy as an adult and it can cause me to have an asthma attack.

It isn’t a common allergy, so people often don’t believe it is serious. I know that many people close to me had to see me get sick from being near them before they stopped wearing perfume. And, some people just keep their distance (no hugs) when I see them and look sheepish. Others take offense and use more perfume than ever in response.

It’ll be a hard thing to enforce, but I do sympathize with the sufferer. Who do you sympathize with? Would you stop wearing perfume or cologne if you knew it made someone else sick?


Tell me what you think!

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