Seen Your Neighbor in a Thong Lately?

As a mediator in the city where I live, I’m used to neighbor disputes. But this one is new to me.

Apparently, a husband and wife in Boulder, Colorado like to walk around outside in thong underwear and nothing else. Unsurprisingly to me, their neighbors didn’t enjoy the show.

The housing authority in the neighborhood wanted to evict them, but couldn’t. So, they amended their rules to require tenants to wear clothes when outside. Robert and Catharine Pierce are furious and fighting the new rule.

What did surprise me was that the City Council intends to expand the anti-nudity ordinance in the city of Boulder, but apparently the City Council has no problem with women going topless and that won’t be included.

Hmmmm. I wonder how many men are sitting on the Council right now. If I lived there and had kids I might not agree, but come on. Don’t you think this is a little funny?


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