LL Cool J v. Fox News?

Have you heard that Fox News will have LL Cool J (rapper, movie star, and tv star) as a guest on Sarah Palin’s new show? Don’t get your hopes up. Apparently, it isn’t true…

A Tweet from LL Cool J revealed that Fox News was merely using clips from an old interview he did and gave the impression that he had no intention of appearing on the show. A spokesperson for LL Cool J released a polite statement that his objection to the use of the videos was because Fox News used it without permission (he does have a right to protect his name and publicity when used for commercial purposes– to make money), not a statement about Fox News or Sarah Palin.

That must not have been satisfactory, because Fox News responded by mocking LL Cool J.  Fox News congratulated LL Cool J on “his fledgling acting career” (he’s been acting for over 20 years) and pointed out that he didn’t want “to be associated with a program that could serve as an inspiration to others.”

I’m always disappointed when companies who know better violate the intellectual property rights of another, so I’m unhappy that Fox News made such a gaffe. Even if they were in discussions with him, they shouldn’t have publicized him as a guest until he actually agreed.

But, even more disturbing is that Fox News seems to be accusing LL Cool J of not doing the right thing, although it is imminently reasonable for him to not want to be associated with a show that intentionally and blatantly has violated his rights– no matter how wonderful the cause.


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