Port Charles, Here I Come

I refuse to be ashamed. I’m addicted to General Hospital. Over the years I have struggled to give it up, but have always been drawn back in by some storyline or another.

This time, I quit watching because the writers not only brought back the character of Brenda, but actually planned a wedding for her with Sonny. As the big, horrible, sad day loomed closer I finally had to believe that they were actually going to let it happen and deleted the program from my DVR.

Well, now I’m planning another visit to Port Charles. Brenda’s character is headed out of town– leaving Sonny lonely and in need of comforting, Jason has lost his only biological child– perhaps making him reconsider his stance on being a dad, and Jax is back to being an ass– leaving Carly lonely and in need of comforting.

All of this has me thinking that my favorite characters will be getting a lot of air time and have some really intense scenes. (Hope the writers are up to it and don’t disappoint.) I probably shouldn’t, but I really wish that Sonny and Carly would give it another try (at least temporarily) and that Jason will have the baby he so deserves.

Port Charles, here I come…



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