Investing in video or dvd editing software?

Am I the only one who didn’t realize that there are serious differences between dvd and video editing software? Hopefully, you’ll learn from my experience. Of course, that’s if you didn’t already know about this and just didn’t tell me!

Last week I became engrossed in my project of transferring my vhs tapes to dvd. It seemed like a fairly easy thing to do with the help of the right hardware. I am kind of a champ at making video slideshows and have great software for that, so this would be a piece of cake. Right?

Foolish me! Apparently, if you want to create menus and edit chapters, video editing software is not helpful. I’d say that video editing software is for people who want to create a movie that will simply play all the way through.

I wish I had known that in advance. It would have saved me a lot of time. I tried and tried to create a dvd of several videos that would allow me to skip to the particular video I wanted to see. It was all to no avail. Then I spent days trying to find software that would do what I wanted it to do. I finally succeeded, but it was a long, frustrating journey.

You may be wondering what software I wound up with. For recording the vhs tapes, I use AVS Video Recorder. For audio editing, I use Audacity. For basic video editing, I use Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD 9.0. And, finally, for dvd editing software, I now use Adobe Premiere Elements 10. AVS Video Recorder and Audacity are free. The Sony software is available on for $33.47 (the basic 11.0 version) with free shipping. The Adobe software is $90.23 with free shipping on That’s not exactly cheap, but it was the right product for me to invest in.

Happy editing!


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