Lindsay Lohan’s Legal Problems Continue **Updated**

**Update** Lindsay was sentenced to 30 days in jail. She will avoid serving an additional 270 days in jail, if she performs 12 days of community service and attends four psychotherapy sessions before December 14. In the same week, before surrendering to serve her time, she posed nude for Playboy. Then, she was accused of crashing an after party for the premiere of Leonardo DiCaprio’s new movie, J. Edgar. Anybody else think she’s losing control again? Ah, but the question remains: Do you even care?

**2nd Update** All that drama and she served less than 5 hours of her 30 day sentence. Everyone who voted in the poll that they didn’t care, should feel vindicated!

These are the headlines:

Is This Lindsay Lohan’s Worst Day Ever?

What Happened to Lindsay Lohan’s Face?

Lindsay Lohan Slammed: Probation Revoked, Jail Could Be Next!


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