A Perry Mason Comeback?!

Hearing that there is going to be a new Perry Mason movie is so exciting! I’m placing a bet right now that the theaters will be packed with attorneys. (Every attorney I’ve ever met has dreamed of having a “Perry Mason Moment”, no matter how opposed to legal dramas they may be.)

Variety has been credited with announcing it first, although I read about it first in the Chicago Sun Times thanks to Michael Sneed. Apparently, the project is the brain child of Robert Downey Jr. and his wife, Susan Downey. Robert is receiving a lot of attention because it is assumed that he will play the title role and, due to its anticipated success, receive the distinction of being the star in three successful movie franchises at the same time (namely, Sherlock Holmes, Iron Man and Perry Mason).

I am relieved to learn that the movie won’t be based on the Perry Mason television shows from the 1980s. As much as I loved Raymond Burr’s Perry Mason, I can barely sit through¬† those episodes because they just didn’t do him justice. The episodes from 1957 to 1966 were classic and timeless, so I’m hoping this new movie which will be based in the 1930s will also be classic and timeless.

Erle Stanley Gardner certainly provided a lot for screenplay writers to work with. He had 82 Perry Mason novels  published between 1933 and his death in 1970.

Let me know if you’re anticipating this movie as much as I am. And, please don’t tell me that lawyers are the only ones excited by this news!

Hmmm. I wonder who will play Della Street. No blondes please. And Paul Drake is so important, too. I need a good, “Hello, beautiful!” Do you know the perfect Paul or Della?


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