Got a Favorite Royal?

Do you have a favorite Royal?

I freely admit to saving the wedding of Prince William and Kate on my DVR and watching hours of it, but otherwise I’m not one of those people who follows the Royals. So, while I thought the wedding was lovely, I probably won’t care what happens next until the first baby photos are released. (Come on, what woman doesn’t love baby photos? No, don’t answer that. I will not judge.)

That said, I’m starting to really like Prince Harry.  As they would say on SYTYCD, he has “swag”. I appreciate that. But, even more, I appreciate his willingness to experience life in America like a regular American.

What other Royal would come to America and shop in Walmart and stay at a Courtyard Marriott? As Doctor Who might say, Courtyard Marriott’s are cool! But how many other Royals would actually agree with that? Not many. (Poor Doctor. People so rarely agree with his declarations of coolness.)

Seriously, I love that about our country. You can run into First Lady Michelle Obama shopping at Target. Oprah shopping at Costco. And, now, Prince Harry shopping at Walmart.

America… the land of the big box retailer!


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