The Lasting Effects of an Affair- Take a poll!

On January 2, 2012 the Chicago Tribune reported on an ongoing paternity dispute. Now, paternity disputes can be interesting, certainly Maury Povich has made a fortune off of them, but this one is unique because the biological father is known yet the case has been ongoing since the turn of the century.

A woman cheated on her husband and conceived a son with her lover. Since then, her husband has forgiven her and they are raising the boy as their own along with their other children. He is now about 16 and clueless about the affair.

The boy’s parents have argued that it would be detrimental to his mental health to tell him now. Their psychologist testified that, according to the paper:

telling the boy now could cause “a deep depression and all that could mean including suicide potential” as he is already struggling with his identity within the “conservative values of his community.”

After a lot of court decisions, the most recent appellate court decision ruled that the boy shouldn’t be told the truth about his parentage until he is an adult. According to the paper:

In making his ruling, Judge Baron found that “there is deep and obvious hatred between the parties” that would prevent them from breaking the news properly.

“The Court cannot conceive that the biological parents could accomplish this at this time without compounding the psychological impact,” he wrote.

What do you think? Take the poll.


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