Top 20 TV Couples

Happy Valentine’s Day! What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than with a look back at the current/former/almost couples who shaped your views on love? I don’t know about you, but I feel like I know the couples on television best because they are a part of my life every week for years. My list undoubtedly won’t match up with yours, but feel free to share your favorite picks in the comment section below.
 Angel: Angel and Cordelia




 Archer: Archer and Lana



 Battlestar Gallactica: Helo and Athena





Bones: Booth and Brennan



Castle: Castle and Beckett




Charmed: Leo and Piper





 The Cosby Show: Cliff and Claire





Dawson’s Creek: Pacey and Joey




Doctor Who: Rory and Amy



 General Hospital: Sonny and Carly



Gilmore Girls: Luke and Lorelai




 House of Payne: Curtis and Ella




In Plain Sight: Marshall and Mary





 La Femme Nikita: Michael and Nikita






 Leverage: Hardison and Parker





 Moonlighting: David and Maddie




 Once Upon a Time: Prince Charming and Snow White (aka David and Mary Margaret)




Sons of Anarchy: Jax and Tara



 Perry Mason: Perry and Della





 The Pretender: Jarod and Miss Parker


4 thoughts on “Top 20 TV Couples

  1. Shawn and Gus….Wait, these are male/female couples, right? LOL. I agree with half of your list. Most of the rest of them I just don’t watch the show, so I wouldn’t know about the couples. I do have to add Nathan and Haley from One Tree Hill. I haven’t even watched that show in years now, but I love them together.

    • Since it was Valentine’s Day, I limited myself to fictional romantic/semi-romantic couples. But, I’m thinking of doing a friends/frenemies post. Shawn and Gus would definitely make the list! What holiday though?

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