2012 TV Finale Season: Was your favorite show a hit or miss?

Finale seasons are always tumultuous times. People die, get married, have babies, run away, and anything is possible. Here are my thoughts on the shows I watched. Now, it’s your chance to tell everyone what you think about them and all the other shows that I missed.

Warning: Spoiler Alert!

Once Upon A Time was revealing. Emma finally believes that everyone in Storybrooke is a  fairy tale character. And, Mr. Gold has brought magic to this world. The story possibilities are endless. I’m eagerly awaiting next season’s premiere. Will The Mad Hatter/Jefferson get his daughter back? Is Henry officially out of Regina’s grasp? Will we get to see Emma, Henry, David and Mary Margaret be a family? Will Sheriff Graham/The Huntsman return to our world?

Scandal was a bit of a surprise. To be honest, I could care less about the cases Olivia and her crew handle. But, I do love the romance between Olivia and Grant. The best episode of the season showed us how they got together, and the finale showed us that they might never be together again. Shonda swears that she recognizes how much their romance means to viewers and that she will make sure we have plenty of scenes of them in the future.  So, dear readers, there is hope! Now, I’m wondering when the premiere will pick up, whether Mellie will be pregnant and when will the truth about Cyrus come out (he needs to get his comeuppance!).

Grey’s Anatomy was a disappointment. Shonda killed poor Lexie off in the first 20 minutes and that felt disrespectful to me. Then we had a great scene with Derek breaking free of where he was trapped and then… nothing. He was just calm and supportive. Huh? And we got glimpses of people missing the doctors, but no one worried or decided to check on them. Then, basically, the episode was over. Is it just me or was that the type of cliffhanger that is meant for a mid-season finale? We’re supposed to wait all summer and come back in the fall still excited and on pins and needles? I think not.

Desperate Housewives had some good moments. But, I would have liked more glimpses into the future and a better explanation of the Mary Alice voiceovers. Susan’s future wasn’t mentioned beyond her moving off the Lane. And, after a season revolving around the grandchild she shared with Lynette, there was no mention of how things worked out with said grandchild and grandparents. And does anyone else wonder what Gabby’s kids looked like in the future? They could have tacked in a scene of her with her daughters. Last, but not least, having all those ghosts at the end just seemed like an easy out.

NCIS ended on a really sad note that made me unhappy. The “death” of Ducky is just about all I remember from the finale because it stole the show. Can we really let him die alone on a beach where the tide might wash over him? Say it isn’t so!

Person of Interest is on the road to answering some questions. Who is the strange woman with mad hacker skills who knows about the Machine? Why did she want Finch alive? While we’re finding that out, will John still receive the social security numbers that allow him to know when something bad is going to happen? Will Fusco get any recognition for his undercover efforts and make his son proud?

Fringe left me excited. After episode 19 took place in a future ruled by power hungry Observers, I knew they were headed somewhere great. The finale set it up for the last season to be a wild and very satisfying ride. Just think: the season started with Olivia not even recognizing Peter and now they’re having a baby. I love a show that keeps it moving. Things have already changed from the future shown in episode 19 (Billie is dead), so what else will Olivia and Peter be able to change? Will they get a happy ever after?

Criminal Minds was bittersweet. Our heroes saved the day again, but watching Emily dance with her co-workers as she said a silent goodbye was what was really special. Will Emily be replaced? The show seems to be wary after their last attempt. That was a dismal failure, so even though characters have been successfully replaced in the past, it’s not likely that it will happen right away. Who would you like to see added to the show? What kind of character would they be?

Bones ended with a very human reaction from Brennan. Throughout the episode, Brennan tried to be logical and unemotional about being framed for murder. In the last moments, however, we saw that becoming a mom has made that impossible. She took her baby and with her dad’s help went on the run. The new season will pick up after a few months have passed, just as in real life, and we’ll see who else helped Brennan evade the police. I’m betting Angela and Hodgins will help, but perhaps Sweets will too. I’ve been assured that Brennan won’t stay on the run much longer after the premiere, so we’ll have answers soon.

The Mentalist was interesting. But, I’m sick of the Red John storyline. Will it be put to bed next season? Will Hightower’s name ever be cleared? Can Wainwright be trusted? Who’s the mole in the FBI? Will Patrick be able to move forward with his life, even a little? (He did have sex with Red John’s groupie. Can that be seen as progress?) Is the team mad at Patrick? (They seemed a little ticked by his latest machinations.)

Castle was sexy. Castle and Beckett finally did the deed and the writers seem to be committed to keeping the couple together. All I can say is: Finally! I think the other characters would agree.


2 thoughts on “2012 TV Finale Season: Was your favorite show a hit or miss?

  1. Once Upon a Time is hands down the best season finale I’ve seen this year. It was exciting, introduced new possibilities for next season, and kept me wanting more. Excellent. Scandal’s finale was okay. I can see potential for next season. Shonda screwed up the finale for Grey’s Anatomy. I’m still annoyed and disappointed by that one. She needs to do better by her fans.

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