New SoA Characters

Kurt Sutter, show runner and creator of Sons of Anarchy, revealed on his blog that there will be four new characters on SoA this season. Here’s the tease from Kurt (courtesy of TV Fanatic):

  1. Damon Pope, the notorious gang leader who’s daughter Tig killed with his car on the season four finale. 
  2. Someone with a patch we’ve never seen.
  3. A female Sutter describes as “hard, curvy and very sexy.” At least we assume it’s a female.
  4. Someone who the producer simply says “packs a .45 with a walrus tusk handle”  and may be considered dangerous, but “just wants to be loved.”

Casting is under way and and below are the new characters, so far. I’ll post more scoop when I get it.

  • I already told you that Jimmy Smits is joining the show as Neron “Nero” Padilla, a Latino gangbanger who becomes a dangerous mentor for Jax. (Do you think he’ll have a patch or carry .45 with a walrus tusk handle? Hmmm.)


  • Damon Pope will be played by Harold Perrineau.

  • Chuck Zito will play a nomad who comes to Charming. (In case you missed it, Chuck sued FX for $5 million in June 2010, claiming he pitched an idea for a show about a motorcycle club and FX used that idea to create SoA. In 2011, a judge ruled that SoA was independently created and Chuck didn’t have a case. Since then, Chuck and Kurt have managed to bury the hatchett and become friendly.) 

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