Summer Fun Dresses

A great alternative to shorts during the summer is the dress. They’re so much more chic and camouflage thunder thighs or a lack of hips better than shorts ever could! Here are some of my 2012 favs, available online. And, remember ladies, always look for color, shine, texture and a great fit as you shop for what looks good on you.

Guess, $98 at Bloomingdale’s

Elie Tahari, $248 at Nordstrom

Laundry by Shelli Segal, $195 at Bloomingdale’s

$198 at Cache

Carmen Marc Valvo, $765 at Bloomingdale’s

Aidan Mattox, $440 at Saks Fifth Avenue

$228 at Cache


2 thoughts on “Summer Fun Dresses

  1. I like summer dresses, but I rarely find ones that I like, that fit me well, and are in my price range. I wear more skirts than dresses.

    • I used to wear more skirts than dresses, but dresses are even easier to wear for me. Once I find a good fit and something I love, then I just have to throw it on and go. No worrying about finding a flattering top or proportions! I don’t mind trying on ten to fifteen dresses to find the perfect one or shopping at several stores to find one I absolutely adore. It can be a lot of work, but I find it’s so worthwhile in the end.

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