Brenda Lee’s Closer Style

The end of The Closer is upon us. Of course, devoted fans are spending a lot of time worrying about the future of Brenda Lee Johnson and guessing the identity of the mole (I think it’s Gabriel and his new love- he’s been telling the intrepid law school student everything that happens at work for the past year and I’d bet she’s been using that information against Brenda because she thinks Brenda is wrong).

But, how about taking a moment to reflect on the past? Not about the morality of Brenda’s methods or the meaning of friendship and whether Pope has really been Brenda’s friend. No, no, no!

This moment should be dedicated to fashion. TNT has provided us with a look at the evolution of Brenda’s fashion style that you won’t want to miss. See the top 10 looks here.

Do you remember this look? I used to cringe at her unattractive floral prints and the dated fit of her clothes. Super long skirts and boxy blazers don’t go together anymore!


When she started wearing this trench, I thought there was hope for her after all. If you want to wear pink, this is how you do it!

Unfortunately, she still insists on wearing this sweater. I know she finds it comforting, but some things should never leave the house.



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