Doctor Who at Comic-Con 2012

I couldn’t blog about Comic-Con 2012 and not mention Doctor Who. Unfortunately, my usual sources for scoop haven’t had much to say about the Doctor Who panel. Never fear, I found a live account of what was talked about here.  If you prefer your scoop to be in more of a summary format you can get that here, or if you prefer to watch clips on Youtube check it out here.

The basics about the upcoming 7th Season:

  • The final episode for the Ponds will involve the Weeping Angels and be set in New York. (Very fitting, I think!)
  • One of the episodes will be a Western- complete with the Doctor in a bar brawl.
  • We will not only get to know Rory dad’s, but he’ll go on an adventure.
  • There will be dinosaurs, Queen Nefertiti and more Daleks than ever before in one place. Plus, the Daleks will be a new generation that hasn’t been seen before.

Finally, if you haven’t seen it yet, check out the trailer.


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