No Whining at Work!

I read an article about 10 things you should stop complaining about at work. Come on, don’t we all work with someone who complains bitterly and without ceasing about something that drives you crazy? Of the ten things on the list, I have to say a few stood out. So, if something sounds like you, try really hard not to be a Negative Nancy!

  1. Workload- I don’t complain about my workload but I know people who do. I caELLEN POMPEO, SANDRA OHn recall times when I  barely had work to do. It’s a distant memory now but I’m glad I didn’t complain. First, it’s annoying to hear someone complain about not being overworked. Second, it didn’t last long. Third, I needed that time to learn about my new job, so taking things slow was worthwhile. I still don’t complain about being my workload now, because, while it is heavy, I feel confident that I have the skills to juggle it all. As long as I can prioritize, I don’t see a problem. After all, that’s part of the job.
  2. Salary- I have to clarify here. If everyone is in the same boat and it is not a constant complaint that effects work performance, then I don’t care. But, I’ve seen something specific that annoys me. Don’t complain about your raise to someone who didn’t get one at all! I cringe every time I see this happen. Even if you really think that you were owed a better raise, it’s still tacky to throw it in the face of someone who is still waiting for recognition.
  3. Management- Can’t everyone get along? Apparently not. Be careful that irritations with management don’t cause you to act imprudently. Maybe someone drives you crazy and likes to dance on your last nerve, but you shouldn’t broadcast it near and far. Trust me, it gets uncomfortable for those listening.

Tell me what you think!

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