“Startup Guy”: Hot New Style or Epic Fail?


The ubiquitous hoodie.



What does your favorite “Startup Guy” wear to work? Does he need a makeover? The odds are pretty good that Banana Republic would think he does. This weekend they debuted a line of clothes designed to set Silicon Valley on its ear.



If GQ is right, this is the inevitable evolution of style. “[T]he look (and the rest of their Spring-Summer ’14 collection) is stuff many young professionals either are (or should be) wearing: lots of simple combos of suits, slacks, shirts that fit, in soft seasonal fabrics and muted colors… These are for front-of-house ‘Startup Guys.’  The new Salary Men. Second-wavers who arrive to the scene ready to populate the cube farms and wine bars that develop around and after The Big Ideas.”

shortsuit 304xx250-375-15-0

A day look for a Startup Guy on the go.



But, if you are a bit more skeptical, perhaps you agree with a post on the Consumerist site. “You know who dresses like this guy in a Banana Republic promo? Bradley Cooper, Jude Law and possibly Robert Pattinson, when he’s not busy being a sparkly vampire ingenue. Men accustomed to a certain amount of leisure, the sort who may encounter perfectly fine beach sand at any moment, thus requiring them to unshod their feet so they walk toward the frothy, cool water lapping at the shore near their villas. No socks required in that lifestyle! You know who probably doesn’t so much dress like this? Startup guys, despite Banana Republic’s attempt to convince us otherwise.”



A post on BostInno took an informal survey of reactions to the clothing line. Phil Beauregard, CEO of Objective Logistics was quoted as saying, “I used to take my attire quite seriously … My shoe collection is embarrassing. With that being said, I’ve exclusively worn T-shirts, jeans and a couple different pairs of shoes for the past two years… Banana Republic is a republic of board room bananas if they think we’re all skipping around all nattily-do-dah all day. We have work to do, and most of it is in front of a computer.”




An evening look for Startup Guy’s down time.

So what do you think? Is Banana Republic doing the world a favor and trying to save us from fashion-challenged startup guys or trying too hard to be cool?


Tell me what you think!

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