About Me

As you might have guessed, I’m an attorney. Thanks to a crazy schedule and the fact that I don’t want to bore you, I won’t be blogging every day. But, I will blog as often as I can and try to keep it interesting. Look for anything from comments about current events to comments about fashion– anything that catches my attention– but, no legal advice.

Thanks for visiting! Come back soon.


9 thoughts on “About Me

    • On the right side of your screen is a link for entries rss under the meta heading. That allows you to have a subscription. Thanks for asking!

  1. Finally had an opportunity to start looking at your blog site. What a great venue to highlight informative, interesting, and funny pieces of information!

    Very nice!


  2. I saw the blog about Perry Mason. I grew up watching Perry Mason with my mom. I love that show. Not just the movies from when we were little, but even the black and white episodes from before we were born.

  3. I was curious if you had an update on the story that involved Rahul Chandani, the kindergarten student who was forced to crawl through snow with an injury. Thank you.

    • Hi, Christie. Sorry for the delay, but I do have a limited update. It appears that, as of December 2013, the family may have agreed to a settlement providing for $81,000 plus costs of $27,215. That is just from reading the case history, so I’m not sure of any details.

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